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Hiking is one of the most popular adventurous activities. People around the world love to do it. You can also have the best hiking in Arizona if you are among them.

Here are the 14 top-rated hiking trails in Arizona for you:

1. Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

Bright Angel Trail is fascinating and leads you from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to Canyon.

2 - Cathedral Rock Trail

If you are searching for hiking trails near me, a predominant landmark called the Cathedral rock trail is the answer.

3 - Devil’s Bridge Trail

Devil’s Bridge trail is about a 6.3 km trail that offers a challenging route to cover for hiking.

4 - West Fork Of Oak Creek Trail

By booking one of the best hotels in Big Bend, you can go hiking on this trail of around 10.5 km.

5 - Boynton Canyon Trail

Boynton Canyon trails offer a moderately challenging path for hikers who love to spend time in nature.

6 - Piestewa Peak Summit Trail

The proximity of the Piestewa Peak Summit route amazes hikers, sightseers, and walkers. You will enjoy hiking on this trail.

7 - Camelback Mountain

Camelback mountain provides an adventurous experience. So, it can also answer your “hiking trails near me” search.

8 - Soldier Pass Trail

Go hiking on this loop trail near Sedona for about 7.2 km. Pet lovers can even bring their lovely pets with them.

9 - Hieroglyphic Trail

The hieroglyphic trail is another famous trail for hikers. So, you can meet many people while on the route.

10 - Echo Canyon Trail

Book the top hotels near Big Bend like The Summit At Big Bend and try to hike on this amazing Echo Canyon trail.

11 - Seven Falls Trail

The next spectacular hiking trail in Arizona is the Seven Falls trail. It is near Tucson, a crystal-clear pool that is naturally formed.

12 - Doe Mountain Trail

Doe mountain trail is also in Sedona, with the most captivating scenic and breathtaking views.

13 - Tom’s Thumb Trail

Get one of the best hotels in Big Bend like The Summit At Big Bend and come to this trail to see why people love this fascinating Tom’s Thumb trail.

14 - Flatiron Summit

The last trail on the list is Flatiron Summit. It offers exceptionally stunning views to visitors.


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