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A romantic trip once in a while is a perfect therapy to strengthen the relationship with your partner. If you also want to spend some special time with your partner, you should go for a romantic weekend getaway.

However, a crucial thing before booking the trip is the budget. Finding an affordable place can be challenging. Therefore, we have listed the top five places for your romantic trip in Texas.

The Summit At Big Bend

The Summit At Big Bend has a first place on the list. It is close to nature, and you can explore the famous Big Bend National Park near it. The best part is that you can do various activities with your partner with luxurious amenities at the best price. It is a renowned Big Bend stargazing hotel and offers romantic accommodations for stargazing.

Sage Hill Inn & Spa

The next best place for a romantic weekend getaway is Sage Hill Inn & Spa. Undoubtedly, the romantic sunsets at this property are remarkable. Besides, the accommodations at this place also have complete facilities for a comfortable stay. After watching the sunset, you can spend some time under the stars.

The Local Chapter

Like the Summit At Big Bend, The Local Chapter is also located in Terlingua near Big Bend. It also offers romantic hotels in Texas that are cozy and equipped with essential amenities. During the day you can go hiking, off-road driving or some other activity. At night you can see a beautiful sky view facing the Chisos Basin.

Basecamp Terlingua

Basecamp Terlingua is also another budget-friendly place for your romantic weekend getaway. It is in the heart of Terlingua and offers different romantic stay options. The nature around will provide you the peace you were not getting in city life. So, with a good stay, you can come closer to your partner.

The Willow House

The last place on the list is The Willow House. Many travelers recommend Big Bend for a romantic time. So, when you find hotels near Big Bend, you can also see this place as an option. The stay will be within your budget, and you can enjoy a special time with your love of nature.


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