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A Quick Guide on Texas Off-Roading and Overlanding

Texas is the second-largest state with less public area and more terrain area in the United States. It is known for having countless overland and off-road hiking trails. If you are an adventure lover, get ready to enjoy the spectacular views from your 4*4 overland or adventure vehicle. In this guide, you’ll learn everything about off-roading and overlanding that is necessary before planning.

What Is Off-Roading & Overlanding?

Though both overlanding and off-roading are full of adventure, a few things make them different from each other. In off-roading, a person drives or rides a vehicle on unpaved or improper roads. This includes driving on dirt roads, rocky trails, and even in water.

On the other hand, overlanding involves traveling long distances, often camping along the way. It is more of exploring and enjoying the journey itself.

Off-roading and overlanding both need a certain level of skill set and planning. To make your trip successful, you must know what you'll get before hitting the trails.

Famous Overlanding & Off-Roading Hiking Places In Texas

The state offers many possibilities to adventure lovers; here are some standout destinations for off-roading and overlanding.

Big Bend National Park: This place is home to some of Texas's most beautiful wildlife and challenging off-roading hiking trails. From the Old Ore Road to the River Road, plenty of options exist for off-roading and overlanding. It also provides luxurious lodging options like The Summit at Big Bend.

Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area: This area is located in East Texas and offers a variety of trails for all skill levels, including rock, crawling, mud bogging, and hill climbing.

The Trans-Pecos: This remote area of West Texas offers some of the most challenging off-road trails in the state, including the infamous Black Gap Road.

Palo Duro Canyon: This lovely canyon in the Texas Panhandle offers a variety of off-road trails with stunning views of nearby landscapes.


Adventure lovers who want to do something different in their lives should try overlanding and off-roading at least once. Pick a short and easy off-roading hiking trail to start if you’re trying this for the very first time. If you also want to enjoy stargazing in the darkest skies, book your stay in the luxurious dome tents of The Summit at Big Bend.


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