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The best off road trips are adventurous. Do you also want to go on one? Well, you should! It will add a new experience.

With friends and family, the time will be more memorable and fun. We have included the top trails below that one must experience in Texas that is close to nature.

Black Gap OHV Trail

Black Gap OHV trail is amazing and can be the destination for your next best off road trips. This trail is perfect for off-road driving and horse riding. It stays open all year, and you can explore its beauty in any month. An important thing to consider is that the place is unsuitable for pets.

Dagger Flat Auto OHV Trail

The next off-road trail is the Dagger Flat Auto OHV trail. Significantly, the trail is famous for mountain biking and off-road driving. Besides, one of the best places to include on the best off road trips list. It also stays open all year, and the view around the trail is full of beautiful nature.

Paint Gap Road

Another superb location for off-road driving is in Big Bend. Like Dagger Flat Auto OHV trail, it is also popular for mountain biking. But the right time to visit this trail is from March to October. Moreover, if you want places to stay near Big Bend, you can select the Summit At Big Bend hotel.

Big Bend OHV Route

The Big Bend OHV route is about 238.7 km near Terlingua. Undoubtedly, it is one of the amazing places for off-road driving. When you visit this trail, you might see many other people. You can come to any month here and mark it one of your best off road trips.


All the above trails are best for off road trips that one must experience. Moreover, we picked options almost near each other in Big Bend. So, you can explore more than one trail when you visit. If you think about where to stay in Big Bend, the best choice is the Summit At Big Bend.


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