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Backpacking Trips In Arizona For Adventure

Arizona - A Home to some of the most exciting adventures in the American Southwest. It has a unique desert landscape that makes it an ideal location for backpackers from beginner to advanced. Whichever Arizona epic adventure backpacking trip you choose, it is absolutely a decision you will not regret.

Continue reading this post to check out the best backpacking trips in Arizona.

Grand Canyon Rim To Rim

No matter the trail you choose, hiking through the Grand Canyon is beautiful. However, exploring the Canyon Rim to Rim trail is ultimately the best backpacking trip in Arizona. Towering cliffs, waterfalls, ancient ruins, and endless views await those who are willing to go there for their next trip.

Havasu Falls

This ten-mile hike in one direction leads to a magical series of turquoise-blue waterfalls and pools set against the majesty of the Grand Canyon’s reddish-orange cliffs. This adventure is extremely popular, and you have to get hard-to-get permits online. The most popular times to backpack here are March through October.

Superstition Mountains

Located very close to Phoenix but also ruggedly remote in Arizona’s wilderness, the Superstition Mountains are a great place to go on an epic adventure. Thankfully, the Superstition Mountains are still relatively lightly traveled. This Sonoran Desert backpacking trip gives you a chance to be alone in nature, including wildness, unforgettable views, and miles of trails to explore.

Charlebois Spring

If you are planning a multi-day backpacking trip, Charlebois Spring is a great place to go. Because it is situated in the western part of the Superstition Wilderness. The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, which you can reach from Charlebois Spring, is one of the many historical sites in this backpacking region.

End Remark!

So, there you have it: the top Arizona backpacking trails for epic adventures. Don’t forget to plan your stay near Arizona if you want to go hiking. The Summit at Big Bend is a great place to stay because it has all the necessary amenities with private accommodations. Also, the best thing they have to offer is stargazing under the darkest skies in the world.


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