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Do you know what's off roading? It is an adventurous activity you can enjoy while driving alone or with friends and family. Many trails are available in different areas that are specifically popular for off roading.

If you live in Arizona and want a place for off roading, you have various amazing options. We listed some of the best off-road trails below. It will help you plan one of the best off road trips in Arizona.

Arizona Peace Trail

The Arizona peace trail is at the top of our list, full of spectacular views. It is about 675 miles long. If you want to complete it, you need around five days. It can be one of the best off road trips for you. Besides, you can choose another place if you want an off-road route in less time.

Devil's Bridge Trail

Devil's Bridge trail is next for the best off road trips. It is popular for its gigantic natural sandstone arch. Near this trail, you can see the beautiful Coconino national forest with stunning wildflowers. When you are on an off road trip and go down this hiking trail on your feet, you can see many other unique sandstone formations.

The Great Western Trail

The next trail is the Great Western trail in Arizona. It is one of the iconic trails as an Arizona off road trails book was dedicated to it. So, you can trust for selecting it to become one of your best off road trips in Arizona. Furthermore, an interesting fact about the trail is that it has different sections to explore.

Glenn Spring OHV Trail

Glenn Spring OHV trail is near Terlingua and about 41.0 km. Usually, it is considered a moderately challenging route. But that is fun. Completing this amazing trail will be full of adventure. It stays open around the year, so you can go anytime and enjoy one of the best off road trips.

In The End

Lastly, there are many amazing trails near Big Bend and Arizona in Texas to go off-roading. If you search for hotels near Big Bend, you can pick the Summit At Big Bend. It has all the essential amenities.


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