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Gear Up For The Best Off Road Trips In Arizona

If you’re not sure what off-roading is? It’s an adventurous activity where you can drive or ride in a vehicle on unpaved roads. Arizona should be on the list if you’re a beginner to off-roading or want a leisurely experience. Also, from Flagstaff to Sedona to Lake Havasu to Tucson, you’ll experience the best off-road trails in Arizona all year around.

Below are the best off-road trips to Arizona to make you decide where to go on your next adventurous trip.

Broken Arrow

You must be ready for an exciting day on this beautiful red rock trail outside of Sedona. The trail gets narrow at times, and you may expect occasional traffic. However, It’s all worth it for the stunning views. For the ledges, you should use a vehicle with high clearance.

SandBowl OHV Area

Located on the western border of Arizona, this area may look easy and suitable for all drivers. SandBowl OHV Area is an open area for off-road driving, and you can have fun in the sun all day long.

Big Bend OHV Route

This scenic OHV route offers a blend of dirt roads and paved roads to give visitors a beautiful view of Big Bend National Park. From highway 385, You can go north into the park and follow the Main Park Road until you reach Partner and Basin Junction. And you can find places to stay near the big bend.

Soldier Pass

If you want something interesting just north of Sedona, you should visit Soldier Pass. It’s only about a mile long, so that it can be efficiently completed in an hour. The difficulty level is hard but not intense, making it a great place for individuals looking to improve their skills.

End Note

Above outlined places are the best off-roading trails in Arizona to explore. You could also add other places to your list of trips. And, if you want to stay near Terlingua, then the Summit at Big Bend would be the best bet for you. You can enjoy hiking, camping, and stargazing here.


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