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Hiking Spots That Are Ideal For A Family With Kids

Do you want to take your kids hiking in Big Bend? If you have problems finding the perfect spots, you are at the right place. Family hiking trips with kids always need some exotic place to visit. This way, everyone gets some quality time together.

So, if you are also frustrated by finding “hiking trails near me,” your search ends here. Let’s find out the best hiking spots in Big Bend that are kids friendly!

Window Trail

The first location is the Window Trail through the Chisos mountains. It is about 5.6 miles round trip and perfect for family hiking trips. The hiking at this place is nice and easy. You may feel cold as you walk through the mountains.

Moreover, you will see many birds along the path. The children will like to see the birds while hiking with you.

Chisos Basin Loop Trail

Chisos Basin Loop Trail is a moderate round hike of about 2 miles. You will experience some elevation while you walk on the mountain. It is perfect for covering with kids. It starts from the Chisos Basin visitor center and shares two more trails along the way. These are The Laguna Meadow and The Pinnacles Trail.

You can choose this as a perfect location for your family hiking trips. Besides, you should book a good place to stay nearby.

Balanced Rock

At Big Bend National Park, Balanced Rock is one of the amazing hiking spots. This hike is easy and only about 2.2 miles. While you are near the end of the hike, you can see a short, steep rock scramble. The kids will enjoy seeing it. Besides, you can also enjoy the family glamping Texas at The Summit At Big Bend.

With children, having a safe place is the right choice to book. The nearest hotel that can help you is The Summit At Big Bend.

Lost Mine Trail

The Lost Mine Trail is also perfect for family hiking trips. It is opposite the Window Trail and about 4.8 miles. If you don’t want to walk more with kids, you can cover only a 2-mile hike. You will still have an amazing view of the Southeast direction.

After the first mile, you will see the steepest parts. In the end, you can enjoy the ridge overlooking the mountains in Mexico.

Wrap Up

Lastly, the main question is where you can stay while hiking with family. You can choose the best Big Bend stargazing hotel, The Summit At Big Bend.


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