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In busy city life, finding a peaceful and dark sky at night for stargazing can be hard. Mostly, pollution is causing difficulty in seeing the clear sky. However, anyone can see the beautiful dark skies around Big Bend and Fort Davis. Additionally, the sky contains a mesmerizing view of stars and the Milky Way.

If you are also finding a location around Big Bend, you might be confused about where to stargaze near me. Below is the list of the most incredible locations for enjoying a stargazing time at night.

Big Bend Ranch State Park

The Big Bend Ranch State Park has open ground and offers a beautiful time for stargazing. Here is a fantastic fact about the park! It was designated as a gold-tier Dark Sky Park in 2018 by The International Dark-Sky Association.

Usually, it is recommended to start the drive during the afternoon to this spot. By doing this, you can enjoy the sunset as well. Besides, Dom Rock is the perfect place for captivating stargazing. Go ahead and capture the view of the beautiful Milky Way with your cameras.

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is another location on the list that offers amazing stargazing opportunities. If you are worried about the stay, you can easily get the hotels near big bend national park. Moreover, if you drive along the Ross Canyon, you can see the Mule’s Ears, the Sotol, Vista, and the Santa Elena Canyon. These spots are stupendous for stargazing.

Fort Davis and the McDonald Observatory

Another location to place your stargazing tent is Fort Davis and the McDonald Observatory. The place is halfway between Big Bend and El Paso, with incredibly beautiful dark skies. You will be amazed to see the stars on such a deeper sky canvas. If you are visiting Big Bend, this place is worth having a peaceful stargazing time.


Lastly, a vital thing to consider is the stay when you come to the above locations for stargazing. For instance, while searching for the big bend national park accommodation, you can book a stay at The Summit At Big Bend. The best part is that all the three mentioned locations are easy to reach if you book a stay at our hotel.


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