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Places To Add To The Bucket List For Once-In-A-Lifetime Vacations

While daydreaming of places like Maldives and Tuscany, we often forgot about magnifying places in our own backyard. Texas is a beautiful state in the USA, having majestical places that one must visit at least once. You can plan a solo trip, a romantic couple's weekend getaway, or a family or friends reunion. Have a look at these incredible places that must be on your once-in-a-lifetime vacations bucket list.

Things To Do & Amazing Places In Texas To Add To Your Bucket List

1. Visit Iconic "The Summit at Big Bend"

The Summit at Big Bend is one of the luxurious places where you can enjoy living in lavish caves. Enjoy stargazing in the darkest skies, offroading, and hiking with friends and family. It has 1000 acres of raw land that is used for your enjoyment. Camping, rafting, and eating over a bonfire are popular activities.

2. Go On A San Antonio Riverwalk Cruise

San Antonio Riverwalk cruises are another enjoyable way to appreciate the river. Onboard, you can sail along the water while taking in breathtaking views. Alongside the San Antonio River, the San Antonio Riverwalk is a pedestrian street.

3. Enjoy Visiting The Dallas Museum Of Art

This museum was established in 1903 and continues to display various works by renowned artists. There are a variety of styles represented in the collections of American and foreign artists. Monet, Renoir, and Metcalf are notable artists whose works are on display.

4. Parasail Over South Padre Island

On South Padre Island, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Parasailing above South Padre is a spectacular activity. This exciting activity is suitable for all skill levels, including novices. Once in the air, you may appreciate the spectacular views of the coastline.

5. Kayak on the Rio Grande

Paddling down the Rio Grande in the Chihuahuan Desert is a really unforgettable experience. Before entering the water, you will learn about the surrounding plants and fauna in the desert. Then, you can kayak through canyons and admire the arid landscape.


Texas is a must-visit state known for the best once-in-a-lifetime trips in the United States. The state offers a variety of attractions that will appeal to vacationers of all types. This guide to Texas once-in-a-lifetime vacations bucket list items should make arranging a vacation to Lone Star State enjoyable and simple!


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