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Hiking can offer an amazing time in beautiful nature. But before going hiking, you should find the right locations for hiking.

We did the research and picked the top hiking trails in Arizona. Check the following trails if you want to go hiking in Arizona!

Bright Angel Trail

Bright Angel trail is in Grand Canyon, Arizona. It is about 24.6 km long and is considered one of the most challenging routes to cover. The best time to discover this place is October to May. Lastly, you can choose this place and go for the best hiking in Arizona.

Little Horse

The next trail on the list is Little Horse near Sedona, Arizona. It is around 6.9 km out and back. On average, completing this route takes about 1 hr and 48 minutes. Besides, this is perfect for dogs. So, pet lovers can bring their dogs to this one of the top hiking trails in Arizona.

Horton Creek Trail

Another place that offers the best hiking in Arizona is Horton Creek trail. It is near Payson, Arizona. Out and back, this route is about 13.8 km. Besides, Horton Creek trail is popular for hiking, backpacking, and camping. If you want to select this place for hiking, you can plan from May through October.

South Kaibab Trail To Tip-Off

Lastly, the South Kaibab trail is also one of the top hiking trails in Arizona. You can discover this trail near Grand Canyon, Arizona. It is famous for birding, hiking, and backpacking. You can also enjoy solitude during the quieter times. You can pick this place to plan your next hiking trip in Arizona.

In The End

Some of the above trails are near the summit at Big Bend. It is a hotel that offers the best Big Bend caves and Big Bend domes. So, you can book a perfect stay here when planning a hiking trip to Arizona.


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