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The Guide To Select The Best Firewood In Texas

Have you ever felt the vibe of breezing wind waving through your windows and you are sitting on a chair in your living room? Don’t you think something is missing? Of course, firewood.

Spending cold nights in Texas can be joyful if you plan a campfire there—one of the challenging tasks of choosing the best firewood in Texas. You must consider your requirements, such as wood density, water content, hardwood, and softwood. Let’s have a quick look to decide the best firewood.

How To Select The Best Firewood

What makes some types of firewood better for burning? You must ensure the denser and drier firewood can burn for a long time and produce more heat.

Hardwoods Vs. Softwoods

Selecting the wood for the best firewood in Texas, you can choose a hardwood like Oak or maple due to its hotter and longer burning. Softwoods such as pine or spruce burn quickly and for less time.

Dry & Seasoned Wood

When choosing dry and seasoned wood, it should be split and stored at a dry place for 6 months. The dry wood ensures cleanliness and efficiency of the wood. To avoid harmful toxins, make sure there should not any visible signs of decay like mold or fungus on the wood.

Tips to check wood is seasoned

Check the following points to get the best firewood in Texas.

  • Seasoned wood has darker ends with visible cracks.

  • The wood must be lighter than the green one.

  • When you beat the firewood, it must make a clear “clunk” sound.

Size of Wood

Always consider the wood's size while purchasing the best firewood; it is advised to purchase smaller logs as they can be easy to handle. You can also buy the longer ones if you want the log to burn for a more extended period.

Enjoy The Best Firewood AT The Summit at Big Bend

All these parameters can help you in choosing the wood. However, if you want to experience the luxurious vibe of Texas's best firewood, you are welcome to Big Bend. Summit at Big Bend can be the right option to feel the warmth on breezy nights.


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