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Do you love to go hiking? Well, knowing what to wear for hiking is not enough. Many areas are suitable for hiking in Texas

However, not every place is best for everyone. When you search for places adequate for hiking for beginners, ensure they are safe and good for the first experience. We did the research and found the best hiking places in Texas that are beginner friendly.

Marion Sansom Park

Marion Sansom Park is located in Fort Worth, Texas. You can choose this place if you want to go for your first hiking experience. Besides hiking for beginners, you can enjoy scenic waterfalls and cliff views galore. After completing the hiking, you will take the best memories with you.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is perfect for you if you live in Texas and have never had a hiking trip before. Besides, the experience will become better with your friends and family. While walking, you can have fun chatting with your companions and complete the trip at a happy time.

The Window Trail at Big Bend National Park

The Window Trail is another best place to go hiking for beginners. One thing that you will love about this trail is the beautiful nature around. All the hiking beginners can enjoy the scenic views, and the easier trail means fewer things to tackle. Besides, Big Bend hotel rooms are also available if you want to extend your trip and explore more nearby.

Chalk Ridge Falls Park

Last but not least trail for hiking is the Chalk Ridge Falls Park in Texas. Some interesting things to explore here are suspension bridges and waterfalls. These will give a unique hiking experience in nature. The good news for beginners is that every trail is easy to complete and exceptionally beautiful.

In The End

If you have never done hiking, we are giving one of the crucial hiking tips for beginners. Try to book a stay before hiking, as the adventure trip can be exhausting. The Summit At Big Bend is one of the best hotels in Big Bend. You can book it if you choose a place for hiking near Big Bend in Texas.


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