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Travel Tips for the Perfect Family Vacation

Traveling with your family can be the perfect opportunity to unlock some core memories, especially for the kids. Here are some of our top travel tips for the perfect family holiday. These tips are tried and tested and come from years of personal experience traveling with little ones.

1. Research and prep!

We cannot stress this enough! Whether it comes to packing snacks and drinks for a family holiday road trip or choosing activities for the kids to do, doing your research when planning your family getaway pays off tremendously.

Choosing the right resort that offers plenty to keep the child occupied is also crucial. Look for places like Summit at Big Bend, where their Casa Grande and Casa Del Sol offer heaps of space for the children to run about, explore and enjoy activities like hiking and offroading.

2. Board the plane last

Do not board a plane first when you are traveling with a child. Here’s a hack instead: get your partner to board with all your carry-on luggage and stroller, etc. In the meantime, you hang back and take your child for a stroll nearby. This exhausts their energy, and they may likely fall asleep once on the plane.

3. Ship essentials ahead

Instead of traveling with a bunch of diapers and things like baby wipes, buy them online and get them shipped to your hotel. This saves precious luggage space, and you won’t have to worry about finding your preferred brand in a new destination. Call ahead and give your hotel a heads-up if you do this!

4. Have pre-planned activity ideas ready

Keep some toys hidden away to reveal later, or even have an activity bag ready with things your child loves to do. Keeping things pre-planned helps you plan for unexpected delays or times when meltdowns are close. These could range from art supplies to new games on a device.

5. Involve the kids when planning your family vacation

This is especially true when traveling with older children. Involving them helps hone their decision-making skills, not to mention increasing their communication with you.


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