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Ultimate Adventure Guide - Top 5 Bucket List Ideas To Help You Plan For A Thrilling New Year

Have you been looking for where to travel in 2023? Start booking to save yourself a spot in one of nature’s many wonders. Thanks to recommendations from thrill-seekers and travel experts, we have compiled a list of the best travel destinations for your New Year escapades.

Ready yourself, and be sure to add these to your bucket list for an adventurous 2023.

Walk in the footsteps of the Incas (Peru)

To preserve its origin and beauty, the Peruvian government limits tickets to the ancient city of the Incan Empire, Machu Picchu, as it is a highly sought-after tourist destination. A trip to these glorious ruins can afford you some time also to visit the remarkable Lake Titicaca and the famous Amazon Rainforest.

Experience illuminating nights of the Scandinavia Northern Lights

Are you yet to see the Northern Lights? Make this a part of your travel bucket list for 2023, and be sure of a chilling arctic adventure. When you have had your fill of the Aurora Borealis, be prepared for a lineup of fun activities. From snowmobiling and reindeer sleighs to meeting and learning about the enchanting cultures of the original Sami people of Finland.

Behold nature’s wonders at La Huasteca Potosina (Mexico)

If you are a fan or bird watching, the cave of Swallows (El Sotano de las Golondrinas) will surely leave you mesmerized. Be there at dawn to experience this bird sanctuary burst to life as an array of birds take an early flight out of the cave. And in the cool of the evening, relax in any of the many natural crystalline pools as you view the waterfalls.

Hike the expansive trail of the Terlingua Desert (Texas)

The Terlingua trail

We may disagree on how to pack a hiking backpack, but when it comes to the best off-road trips in Texas, the trails of the Terlingua Desert take the top spot. No need to overthink what to wear for hiking. Get comfy, put on your hiking boots, and hit the road. The epic adventures are welcoming to thrill seekers of all kinds.

Get close to the stars on the mountaintop of Big Bend, (Texas)

Stargazing dome

If you are looking for where to go stargazing, The Summit at Big Bend is a true life stargazer’s paradise. As vast as the desert trails are, so are they covered by clear dark skies. So set up your calendar and get ready to be starstruck as nocturnal diamonds glitter like never before.

Do you know what's better than one thrilling adventure? Two! Visit the Summit at Big Bend and cross out 2 of your bucket list travel activities: day-time hiking and night-time stargazing. Make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Book Now!


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