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Hiking is an adventurous activity. When someone goes hiking, they should know how to pack a hiking backpack effectively. The first thing to consider while packing is the clothes. You should remember that clothes for hiking in the desert and mountains are different.

In this blog, we are focusing on clothes for desert hiking. For better understanding, check the below list of outfit essentials for desert hiking:

Long-Sleeve Shirt

If you are thinking about what to wear for hiking, Long-sleeve shirts are the right option. It has many benefits while you hike in the desert. It reduces sweating, keeps you cool, and preserves water in your body. Many long-sleeve shirt options are available in the market, but a classic button-up shirt is the best.

Convertible Pants

The weather in the desert is unpredictable. You never know when the temperature will go extremely high or when the rain starts instantly. In such a situation, you should have easily convertible clothes. You can buy various options, but convertible pants are the most recommended.


Another essential clothing item is socks. You should select a pair of higher-ankle socks. These should have a fabric that dries quickly. One more thing! If you go hiking in Arizona, you should know what to wear for hiking in Arizona. So, while packing, remember to add socks.

Rain Jacket

The possibility of rain in the deserts is less. But you should keep a lightweight rain jacket with you. It will save you from unexpected rain. A rain jacket is a perfect answer to the question of what to wear for hiking if the place is known for sudden monsoons.

In The End

Above, we have mentioned the necessary clothing items to include in your backpack for hiking. Moreover, if you want to go hiking in Texas, you can book a room at The Summit At The Big Bend. You will need some place to stay while planning a hiking trip.


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